Brand history

Romain Thiriet was involved for four years of apprenticeship in Watchmaking at Jean Jaurès School in Rennes (France).

During the second year, he discovered the world of the Creation through his school project for the Brevet des Métiers d'Art, named "Les 4 éléments".

Thanks to this project Romain obtained several rewards: the First Place for a local contest in Brittany, and later the First Place of the national contest of the Institut National des Métiers d'Art.

The Watchmaking world is wide, and can propose different paths. Romain Thiriet decided to continue to learn and joined the higher qualification in France in watchmaking course: the Diplôme des Métiers d'Arts.

The Jean Jaures School offered the students the possibility to work in collaboration with a watchmaker, in order to complete the Creation section of the diploma. Romain Thiriet took the opportunity to ask Thomas Prescher to work with him, in order to create an exceptional watch.

Today, Romain Thiriet wants to share his artistic identity through all the creations of his brand, and therefore, participate in the expansion of the French Watchmaking.



2018 - Lauréat 1er Prix Régional Prix Avenir Métiers d'Art - Rennes.

2017 - Lauréat 2ème Prix National Prix Avenir Métiers d'Art - Paris.

2016 - Lauréat 1er Prix Régional Prix Avenir Métiers d'Art - Rennes.

2016 - Premier Prix Concours du Mérite par Jaeger-LeCoultre - Rennes.


2018 - Article du Ouest France

2017 - Exposition salon Révélation, Les 4 éléments - Grand Palais, Paris.

2017 - Article de l'académie de Rennes

2016 - Article du Ouest France


The Brand image

The French Watchmaking, in a different way

A lot of different brands are creating watches with the "Haute Horlogerie" surname, but the real meaning was set up in 2016. Production tools, artistical and technical know-how, history and distribution network, after-sale services, communication and identity brand, and the capacity to promote traditional knowledge are all the skills a Haute Horlogerie’s company must have.

Among the 64 brands integrated in the Livre Blanc de la Haute Horlogerie, none is French.

More creative, less complex

"Haute Horlogerie" is a special way among the luxury watch industry. Often displayed by the craziest mechanisms, with a high technical level, buried with gemstones ... it is now necessary to propose an honest and perfectly designed watch .

The idea is simple: remove the overflow to release the accuracy.

«  Haute Horlogerie is the Watchmaking perfection, symbiosis between 

Watchmaking Arts and Applied Arts » 

Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie

Made in France

Be more honest

Words are not insignificant in the world of marketing: assembled, designed, developed, ... a lot of different words are used to cast doubts on the origin of all the components of a watch.

Romain Thiriet wants to highlight all the actors of the project and ensure a perfect transparency about the provenance of all the different parts of the watch.


In Switzerland, whole valleys are composed of many watch companies, which are all able to create a part of a watch for the industry. However some famous brands continue to work with Chinese companies to reduce the production price, without changing the final price.

During this time, in France, there are only few companies specialized in the watchmaking sector in the whole country.

A watch made in France can be managed, but the level of difficulty is high. The complexity has to be handled during the creation process.